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Everyone wants the wedding day to be perfect and a stunning smile of people who get married should be cherished for whole wedding day and not only. Your wedding photos will capture the memories of your special day that you will enjoy forever. Flashing your best smile is a must. Planning every detail for your wedding please don’t forget about improvement of your smile. You should do it in advance as very often the patients come too late and too many duties make it difficult to schedule an appointment.

The most often used procedure is of course teeth whitening, the fastest and the most effective way to achieve a beautiful white smile. However, if you want to improve aesthetics by applying veneers, please make an appointment minimum a month before the wedding. Together with your doctor you can plan and decide how big should be the change. Sometimes just a small correction of your smile line is needed and it can be done during single visit, composite veneers, diastema closure. However, if you need to refill missing teeth, correct some distorted teeth or big smile improvement is needed, then please book your appointment 2-3 months earlier before the wedding day.

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Tomasz Kubik
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We provide you with comprehensive dental care at every stage. Each of our patients receives during individual consultations all necessary information to maintain a beautiful smile. The interiors of our offices are aesthetically designed so that our patients would remember the time spent with us in the best way. We always work in a duet: doctor and assistant for the exclusive disposition of the patient.

We are an experienced team that takes care of regularly upgrading their skills through participation in professional trainings, trade shows and meetings. Thanks to proven and modern solutions we provide you a completely painless treatment using high quality equipment and materials.

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