For many years dr. Marzena Kupis specializes in porcelain veneers and meets the aesthetic requirements of her patients. This is our daily work and great experience. Each aesthetic reconstruction (smile design) begins with appointment and conversation with the patient. We want to learn his/her expectations and suggest the best solutions. Then we prepare individual treatment plan for our patient. The patient expects to have a perfect smile and wants to keep it for many years. We do our best to introduce to our patient all possible solutions, as there are always a few, and advise him to make the best decision. The most important for us is to protect the teeth and perform minimal preparation.


Nowadays many patients come to our office because they are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. The attractiveness of the face, including the smile, determines a good psycho-social well-being and aesthetic dental treatments are aimed at increasing the self-esteem of the patient. Nobody needs to be convinced that a beautiful smile is a facial decoration. A beautiful smile also seems to reflect the lifestyle of a person. The basis for natural beauty is the perfect harmony between the prosthetic restoration and the surrounding soft tissues. While choosing the type of the aesthetic treatment we must take into account individual character of the patient. The aim can be achieved only when there is a close cooperation between the patient – dentist – dental technician. During the aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth we analyze the patient’s expectations. We select the right color, shape, inform our patient about the course of work and finally present the end result. Our goal is to meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient and choose the supplement so that as little as possible to interfere with the natural teeth. Quickly and permanently the smile can be improved thanks to veneers. Owing to this supplement we do not damage too much of patient’s own tissue and the final effect is outstanding. They are the most often performed fillings. During the application we face very high aesthetic demands.


What are the porcelain veneers for?


Thanks to veneers we can modify the smile: change the curves, change the worn or damaged teeth. We use veneers to eliminate minor crowding of the teeth. Veneers are applied when we want to correct the color of the teeth. They are also used when we want to close the gaps between the front teeth (distema). Non-esthetic incisors can gain back their look thanks to ceramic veneers. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain applied on a labial surface of the teeth. Porcelain never changes its color and keeps the gloss. That is why thanks to porcelain veneers our patients can enjoy beautiful smile for many years (even people who smoke). And we are sure that the natural tooth stays healthy. Modern veneers are very thin. Most often they require the removal of a thin layer of the tooth. They give the impression of a natural tooth. Veneers are always custom made for each patient. Natural tooth is protected and your smile is perfect. Individual work in the patient-dentist-technician team helps to perfectly adjust the shape and color. As well the expectations of the patient and the dentist are met.


Veneers without grinding


If the appropriate conditions are met the veneer can be applied without the preparation of the natural tooth. This applies most often to closure of the diastema (gaps between the teeth) and color change. We can choose from two materials:aesthetic composite filling material Enamel (artificial enamel), porcelain, composite veneers. They are made from material Enamel (artificial enamel) so that the patient very quickly obtain a beautiful smile. The main advantages of this type of veneers are: immediate restoration in the mouth, when one or two teeth are involved then the work can be finished during one visit but when there is correction of couple teeth (6-8) then two visits are needed because this job is performed by a dental technician so it takes about 5 days to finish whole work. They meet the high aesthetic requirements of the patient and are half the price compare to porcelain veneers.

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