Artificial Enamel

They perfectly match and imitate the teeth as if there was never any decay. We work with the material that perfectly imitates the construction of the natural tooth.
It allows us to restore lost tissues and you to enjoy the great aesthetic change after the first visit.

In our clinic we know that smiling should be joyful and look natural. If your smile is far from the famous Hollywood smile, bonding will allow you to improve it during a short and painless procedure, so you can enjoy the perfect, white smile for many years. The correction using artificial enamel is done in a single visit and recommended when damages of the teeth are small or when there are old and unattractively looking fillings, you need a quick repair of a broken tooth or you look for a cheaper solution than the porcelain veneer.


Many years of experience and continuously increased qualifications enabled us to obtain the authorized title for our dentist office ENAME HRI as one of the only two authorized dentist offices in Poland.

Lightened model of the tooth made of a material dentin and enamel Enamel Plus HRi demonstrates the perfect interaction of material with light. Each patient has a unique shape of the teeth and smile line that is why no cosmetic intervention should change it for worse.


What is HRI?

Natural enamel „cloned” in the composite. This is not enamel „cloned” in the general meaning of the term but this is the only material in the world that has the optical properties identical to natural enamel.

  • thickness of the applied composite is the same as the thickness of the natural tissue
  • eliminates the problem of visibility of boundary filling
  • eliminates the problem of „grayness” of fillings
  • greatly simplifies working technique

When all producers of composite materials were concentrated on creating smaller and smaller (0.4) or „nano” molecules for their materials, research on HRI was dictated by an attempt to solve the biggest problem concerning the composite materials – the creation of materials which optics are identical to natural enamel, with the same index of light refraction and it was the right way.

The fillings in lateral teeth made by direct or indirect method have:

  • excellent durability parameters
  • flexibility
  • maintainability
  • abrasiveness similar to natural teeth
Revolutionary new material

The research project aimed at developing a new Enamel formula HRI (HA-Project-No: 130 / 07-01) was held under the exclusive patronage of the European project for the development of scientific research and new technologies (ESF European Social Fund). The new formula has been claimed under the patent.

Our Team

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We provide you with comprehensive dental care at every stage. Each of our patients receives during individual consultations all necessary information to maintain a beautiful smile. The interiors of our offices are aesthetically designed so that our patients would remember the time spent with us in the best way. We always work in a duet: doctor and assistant for the exclusive disposition of the patient.

We are an experienced team that takes care of regularly upgrading their skills through participation in professional trainings, trade shows and meetings. Thanks to proven and modern solutions we provide you a completely painless treatment using high quality equipment and materials.

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