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Obtain white teeth just in one hour. If the perfect color of teeth is not “given to you by nature”, then thanks to professional whitening you can have a stunning bright white smile. It can be achieved during a single visit at our clinic. Teeth whitening is one of the most common aesthetic treatments. The teeth color can be brightened up even to a few shades. It is a fast and safe way to get the white, gleaming smile and boost the patient’s self-confidence.

In our clinic we use BEYOND professional whitening system. During the treatment the doctor carefully protects the gums by applying a special substance. Then, the gel is applied on the front surfaces of the teeth. After the teeth are covered with the gel, the dentist sets up the BEYOND lamp. The bleaching gel contains hydrogen peroxide and twenty-nanometer silicon dioxide. During one treatment the gel oxidizes the entire surface of sixteen or more teeth and restores their whiteness. The teeth can be brightened up from 5 to 14 shades according to VITA scale which is commonly used by dentists.

A treatment with BEYOND professional whitening system is a one-time treatment and does not cause any side effects. To maintain the effects of bleaching for much longer we also prepare a special home whitening kit for our patients, it is so-called overlay whitening kit. The patient must wear the whitening trays for at least 4 hours. Whitening effect dependents on the frequency of application of the gel. This procedure is repeated every 2-3 years.

Teeth whitening treatment at the dental office- duration of a treatment-1 hour. Overlay whitening treatment- domestic (do-it-yourself) – tray should be applied for min.4 hours- several times per day.

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We provide you with comprehensive dental care at every stage. Each of our patients receives during individual consultations all necessary information to maintain a beautiful smile. The interiors of our offices are aesthetically designed so that our patients would remember the time spent with us in the best way. We always work in a duet: doctor and assistant for the exclusive disposition of the patient.

We are an experienced team that takes care of regularly upgrading their skills through participation in professional trainings, trade shows and meetings. Thanks to proven and modern solutions we provide you a completely painless treatment using high quality equipment and materials.

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