Dental surgery is any of a number of medical procedures to restore not only the chewing function through the reconstruction of the teeth, but also an important step to achieve a high aesthetic smile. Some of the common types of dental surgeries are: tooth removal, new tooth fulfillment by implantation, jaw bones reconstructions.

In our clinic all treatments regarding dental surgery are performed: implants, tooth extraction, impacted tooth extraction, root tip resection, undercut of frenulum, treatment of sinus inflammation, reconstruction of alveolar, orthognathic operation. All treatments at the request of the patient or medical reasons can be performed under general anesthesia. 

Tooth extraction 

Because there are many solutions to save even the most damaged tooth, this procedure is performed as a last resort. If there is a fracture of the tooth crown or its significant damage then we still can rebuild the missing part of the tooth and save it. Most often root canal treated teeth are tend to break. They do not hurt and the patient is often delaying a visit at the dentist for months, when infection or decay is already advanced. If the bone tissue has no signs of infection it is possible to place the implant immediately in place of the removed tooth.

Impacted tooth extraction 

Most often this treatment concerns wisdom teeth and is performed when: tooth hurts but it is not possible to reach the dental arch or the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be rebuild and keeping him may damage tooth number seven.

Surgical opening of impacted teeth 

Sometimes it happens that the teeth are located in the bone in such way that they have to be surgically opened and orthodontically pulled toward the dental arch.


Cutting off the tip of the root and the removal of inflammatory granulation tissue. This surgery is performed when there is no possibility to access the change by the crown of the tooth, so to perform proper canal root treatment (reendo). This happens when the canal is filled with a material that cannot be removed, has calcified, there is a broken root canal tool or the tooth is rebuilt by using root- crown inset. Undercut of the frenulum – the lips or the tongue. Invalid attachment of frenulum to the lips may cause diastema (gap between the incisors), and too short frenulum may cause speech impediment. It’s a very short procedure usually performed by laser and under the local anesthesia.

Lifting of the bottom of sinus jaw

Teeth loss in the lateral jaw section, from four to seven, leads to extension of the sinus area, reduction of the sinus bottom and thereby reduction of the amount of bone needed to conduct the proper and effective implantation.  It is a procedure, which allows the establishment of implants in this section and gives very good results, but unfortunately increases the cost of procedure and significantly prolongs the healing process.

We have two types of treatments: open sinus lift – usually performed where there is a very high bone atrophy, mostly the treatment ends only with a bone complementation and postponement of implantation, though sometimes conditions allow for implantation at the same time. For bone complementation the patient’s own bone material is used (usually from the mandible) or biomaterials. Usually the healing period is from 6 to 9 months. Closed sinus lift – when there are better bone conditions we can turn aside the mucous membrane by using special tools and immediately enter the implant. The tooth recovery time is reduced by a few months (about 6) compared with the previous method.

Orthognathic surgeries are based on dividing and repositioning of jaw bones to make them fit in a better way. The procedure is usually performed to correct the problems of occlusion, which cannot be solved only by orthodontics. Bones and soft tissues can be corrected in such way that significantly increases the aesthetics of the face. The most common correction is removal of the mandible. Such operation can bring very positive changes in the appearance, especially the profile.

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