Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is needed, when it comes to the infection of the pulp (innervated and vascularized tissue located inside the tooth) because of: decay, deep filling, tooth breakage or tooth injury.

In the pulp of the tooth begins the inflammatory processes that can last for several months without any symptoms. This leads to a movement of the infection outside of the root and the formation of inflammatory granulation tissue under the tooth. It is already a condition that can cause the removal of the tooth. In order to save the tooth, infected nerve and bacteria are removed and the space is filled with a special material. Correct filling of the root canal is a treatment of choice to avoid pain and tooth loss. Many patients think that the removal of the tooth that hurts is the only solution, but in fact this affects other problems:

  • movements and rotations of teeth
  • loss of bone tissue
  • high costs of filling -implants
  • aesthetic reasons for lack of tooth

Next canal treatment

Very often patients come with improperly treated teeth: omitted space in canals, apical changes.Sometimes a patient comes with pain, sometimes it is accidentally discovered negligence. Root canal treatment is always performed with magnification (ZEISS microscope) in our clinic and as well with usage of a wide range of modern equipment to prepare and fill root canals.

Signs and symptoms of a possible root canal treatment:

  • abscess on the gum
  • sensitivity to heat and cold
  • toothache, from mild to very severe
  • pain when biting (touching the tooth)
  • sometimes no symptoms
  • tenderness

What is a root canal treatment and how it is performed?

Root canal procedure requires one or more meetings, there are usually two visits. After anesthesia, the tooth is isolated from saliva by rubber sheet (cofferdam) to keep dry and free of fluid field for surgery. The access opening is made in the upper part of the tooth, root pulp is removed with special tools and the canal is developed, expanded and thoroughly rinsed.Then, depending on the degree of infection, the canals are filled with either temporary or permanent medicament, tight material. After the treatment hypersensitivity is possible and it usually passes on the second day. During the next visit the tooth is rebuilt. Depending on the degree of tissue loss we can perform: filling with the composite material, reconstruction on glass fibers  or tooth crown to restore fully its function.

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