Although nowadays the treatment and removal of the teeth is completely painless, there is a huge number of people struggling with dental fear, or panic before any dental procedure. According to the survey, the vast majority of the fear stems from previous bad experiences, treatment „by force” painful treatments, or wrong approach from a doctor.

In our clinic we have special operating room that meets the necessary requirements to carry out: nitrous oxide sedation sedatives, deep sedation and general anesthesia.

Nitrous oxide sedation

Is one form of conscious inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide gas (also known as laughing gas) is used to induce a state of deep relaxation, euphoria, even bewilderment and complete separation from reality. Unfortunately, thanks to the use of nitrous oxide sedation only small procedures can be performed. More serious treatments require the use of local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide sedation can be used for patients with asthma, epilepsy, heart disease, hemophilia and hypertension.

Deep sedation

Requires intravenous application of sedative drugs – such activity is performed by the anesthetist. In the case of deep sedation, the patient is asleep, although it is rather light sleep. All respiratory reflexes as swallowing, sneezing or coughing are present. When deep sedation is used there is possibility to perform simple dental treatments or to remove a few teeth.


Requires intravenous application of sedative drugs in different composition than for deep sedation. The patient loses all the breathing defense reflexes. During the anesthesia long dental treatments can be performed, a few teeth may be cured at the same time, implant procedure can be performed and root canal treatment carried out. Anesthesia is the preferred option in difficult procedures which require more time and when there is a risk of pain. In addition, the treatment under general anesthesia is used for children who are too small to cooperate with the doctor, have advanced decay, suffer from pain, and their dental health poses a serious threat to the health of the whole body. Negligence in the treatment may lead to chronic inflammation, fistulas, abscesses, periostitis.

General anesthesia is also used when a root canal treatment needs to be performed for a child. It requires peace and more time so performing it without general anesthesia is simply impossible. The main advantage of the choice of general anesthesia is the exclusion of consciousness of the patient during surgery, so he is not exposed to stress and pain related to the treatment.

Recommendations for general anesthesia

  • dental fear
  • children with advanced teeth decay, not cooperating with the doctor
  • patients with mental retardation
  • major surgeries
  • resistance to products used for local anesthesia
  • allergies for ingredients of the products used for local anesthetics
  • extractions of several teeth at one appointment

Preparation for the procedure

  • interview with the patient
  • elimination of contraindications (anesthetist should be informed about current and past illnesses, allergies and medications recently taken by the patient)
  • the patient cannot eat for 6 hours before the procedure
  • at least 3 hours before the patient cannot drink (water only)

Patient wakes up always in the presence of an anesthetist and can leave the office by himself but ALWAYS must be accompanied by another adult.

24 hours after the treatment the patient cannot drive.

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